These are just some of the pots that I have had made on commission.
Be sure to check them all out!

  • Head in the clouds ☁️

    This is where it all began... the first pot I ever made and still to this day I love him.

  • Watermelon Sugar High🍉

    One of my favourite commissions that I have ever made! Pink & green is my favourite combination ever!

  • Hamster🥕

    The cutest little guy there ever was! I really enjoyed making this hamster pot holding the carrot.

  • Frog Pot🐸

    The coolest boy there ever was. I was over the moon with how he turned out.

  • Potcasso🌷

    One of the first big pot commissions I had ever created and loved painting him with all the funky colours & patterns.

  • First Drop💝

    These pots were my first drop which sold out in 30 minutes, I was so grateful for the support.