Are the Piece ceramic?

Blushing Daisy pieces are not ceramics. They are made from air dried clay, hand painted and sealed with a shiny clear gloss. 

Can I put a plant in them?

Indeed you can! They were designed to be plant homes, as they are waterproof. I would, however, recommend removing the plant when being watered so water isn't sitting in the bottom of the pots.


All packaging used to make sure your little pots arrive safely is recyclable material. Everything down to the tape and bubble wrap.


Unfortunately I do not offer returns or exchanges as each piece is handmade and is one of a kind. Handmade items will never be 'perfect' which is the whole charm of them. They are not mass produced in a factory but are lovingly handmade, with time, effort and love put into every single piece and any lumps or bumps adding character and uniqueness to them.